Earning a degree while leaving her mark

Sorority helps make a splash in search for blindness cure

Jackie Keith

Orientation leader Jackie Keith (right) and one of her sorority sisters enjoy Anchor Splash, which raises funds for vision research.

Junior Jackie Keith has always wanted to be in a sorority, and when she came to NIU, the decision to join Delta Gamma came easily for her.

The thing that attracted her most to the sorority was the fact that the girls were very nice and interested in what she had to say. Through her sorority, she feels she has been able to make a difference in the community, and also improve herself.

“You can come here for four years and get a degree, and most people do, that’s what they’re here for,” she said. “But when you come to NIU you can also leave your mark and find people to connect with.”

Delta Gamma is heavily involved with Service for Sight, a charity that raises money for vision research in hopes of helping to find a cure for blindness. Delta Gamma has an event every year called Anchor Splash, which any fraternity or sorority on campus can join. At this event, the sorority organizes different games in the Anderson Hall pool, and every dollar raised goes to Service for Sight.

Keith said she likes being able to see the difference she has made. She said that one man who is undergoing stem cell research to find a cure for blindness came to Delta Gamma to tell them about the difference they made. She said he was living proof that she was making a difference.

“One person can make a difference,” she said. “Take the initiative instead of just expecting it to happen.”

She said that getting involved can help you find your passion, or reinforce the passions you already have.

“I wish people would just get involved!” she said. “There’s literally everything for everyone here and if there isn’t, go to Student Involvement and Leadership Development and make your own club. The opportunities are there, you just have to jump on them.”

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  1. Bill Keith
    August 15, 2014 at 1:52 am

    I so PROUD of you

  2. Dr. Keith
    August 15, 2014 at 1:56 am

    It is so nice to see that my niece is doing well in college . . . my brother raised her to do your best and to give back to the community. As an educator, I could not be more proud in what Jackie is doing!

    Dr. Keith

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